Candy’s Youtube Channel of Fun


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When Candy is not traveling extensively or in studio or writing on her new book, she fines time to have fun with her YouTube channel.

On Candy’s YouTube Channel you will find Vlogging (Candy provides her life in raw format and shares it with you.  Fans love her vlogs – especially VLOGMAS!!!  the entire month of December, every day, we will capture our lives in the moment and post a new video every day of the previous day).

Other videos:  BOOKS, books and yes, books.  Candy is an avid reader and shares what she is reading with you in Wrap up videos.

  • Beauty videos/ EMPTIES – products she uses and reviews – a fan favourite and most popular videos on the channel
  •  Miscellaneous videos – capturing some unique days or events, or situations.
  •  Some older videos will be : hauls, OOTD, rants, comedy, and makeup tutorials, etc.


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