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Comedian Candy Palmater performs at L.E.R Theatre

Saturday November 19th, 2011 – for the first time EVER, Candy Palmater will be performing LIVE at the L.E.R Theatre in Dalhousie, New Brunswick. Tickets are on sale now at 2 locations:
Shoppers Drug Mart in Dalhousie, NB and Shoppers Drug Mart in Campbellton, NB. TICKETS: $15 advance/ $20 door ( limited)
One night only, be sure to get your tickets.

The Star/ Writer and Host of the NEW hit series, The Candy Show – performs at her home town on Saturday November 19th! One of the top Canadian Comedians, and recently voted East Coast #1 comedian, the buzz about town is getting louder for this East Coast Gal. When you add intelligence, hilarious and personable together, that spells CANDY. You are set to have a fantastic night of entertainment when you witness a LIVE performance of Candy Palmater. One of the funniest Canadian comedians that we have seen in a long time., and we have some great comedians. No wonder Candy has a National TV show of her very own.

Canadian Comedy

Canadian Comedy has never looked so good. Canadian Comedian, Candy Palmater is a forced to be reckoned with in Canadian Comedy. Candy has her own National Television Prime time series called , The Candy Show, she has played Halifax Comedy Festival for 3 years, and the HubCap Comedy Festival. The Candy Show Airs Thursday nights 9:30PM EST/ 10:30PM AT, check your service provider for times in your area. Candy Palmater’s wit, intelligence and Hilarious style of comedy differs from the normal, and brings a refreshing take on edgy comedy. Candy’s material is written 100% by her, and each time you see her perform, the material is new…. now that takes time and dedication!
Candy will be performing live for the first time in her home town of Dalhousie, New Brunswick on Saturday November 19th, 2011 at the L.E.R Theatre.
Tickets are on sale now at 2 locations:
Shoppers Drug Mart in Dalhousie, and Shoppers Drug Mart in Campellton – New Brunswick.
You can follow Candy on Twitter and on Facebook.