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about season 1 of The Candy Show

Candy Show on APTN

Watch for The Candy Show airing this fall 2010 on APTN HD and APTN. A NEW Canadian Variety TV show – showcasing East Coast Musical Talent and Performing artists.
This is something new and refreshing to watch on TV and on line at APTN.CA
Comedy by the Queen of Comedy – Candy Palmater. Each episode has comedy, music and one visual performing artist. By the end of the each episode you want more……. Prime TV series, written/ created/ hosted by Canada’s queen of comedy and funny woman, Candy Palmater.

Taping Season 1

Filmed in front of a Live Studio Audience.
Doors Open at 6:00pm and Close at 7:00pm SHARP! (Don’t be late!)
Location: Olympic Centre, 2304 Hunter Street, Halifax, NS

The Candy Show is produced by Fancy Shoes TV Inc. which is a partnership between Candy Palmater and multiple award winning .

EPISODE 1 – APRIL 28, 2010

Musical Guest: Katey Day
Performer: Glenn Knockwood (Parkour)

EPISODE 2 – APRIL 29, 2010

Musical Guests: In-Flight Safety
Performer: Reed iZreal Jones (Spoken Word)

EPISODE 3 & 4 – APRIL 30, 2010

Musical Guests: The Whiskey Kisses;
Asia & Nu Gruv

Performers: Eastern Eagle (Aboriginal Drummers/Singers) with Ashley Julian (Fancy Dancer);
Monique Ryan (Belly Dancer)

EPISODE 5 & 6 – MAY 1, 2010

Musical Guests: Garrett Mason, Black Moor
Performers: Caitlan Anthony (Contortionist); Patrick Drake (Magician)


– The Brooklyn Warehouse
– Venus Envy

(Musical guests can change without notice.)