On The Cover of Halifax Magazine!

Candy with window display
Atlantic News stand - window display of Candy!

Queen of Comedy is on the front cover of Halifax Magazine. Candy Palmater is taking over the country. Her New hit Variety TV show that is on Prime Time, with Season 2 Premiering Fall 2011, is turning a lot of heads and gaining attention at an alarming rate. Daily Candy’s office is receiving emails from musical talent that would like to be on the next season’s taping. Pick up your copy of Halifax Magazine and read more about The Candy Show – Candy’s brain child!
For more information and for booking/Questions, please visit the contact page and send us an email.

One thought on “On The Cover of Halifax Magazine!”

  1. Just wanted to say Hi and best wishes- To remember me you have to go back 15-20 years, I met you at an equity seminar at Blomidon Inn ,Wolfville(I was with Scotiabank) we (several of us-mostly the facilitators) stayed up playing games and drinking beer the 2 nights we were there. After that we occasionally touched base for a few years (through the Bank) thatwas in your early lawyer days. I’ll watch for season 2 taping schedule. Good luck with everything. HAVE AN EXCELLENT DAY!!

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