Candy Palmater rocks Natal Day comedy night

Friday July 29th, 2011, Halifax civic Holiday – Natal Day, was a smashing success. Candy Palmater hosted this historical event and shared the stage with Pete Zedlachler and Jean Paul and a few other local comedians. The Comedy night was held at the Halifax Casino, and even though the event was SOLD out days earlier, there was a line up of 40 plus patrons waiting to see if more seats would open up to see Candy. Candy Palmater is the sole writer/creator and star of The Candy Show – National hit TV series on prime time TV, with Season 2 set to air October 2011, that showcases comedy and East Coast music & various performing artists. Candy is Canada’s Queen of Comedy, you never know when she will have a live performance in your area!

NEW photos for” Travels of The Candy Show” shirt

The Candy Show swag is traveling the Globe. Travels of The Candy Show shirt was created by Candy Palmater but started with a friend that sent us her pictures of wearing the shirt at Lilith Fair and it just took off from there. The Candy Show shirt has been to Japan, England, Spain, Florida, and all around Europe, North America and has been underwater, which you will see in this photograph here. The Candy Show shirt has also been to the White House at a protest! To get your swag please email: and have your awesome photos added to the album.

More News

Candy Palmater has been in a world wind of magazines, on the news and is being talked about quite a lot these days. The Star/ Writer of The Candy Show is on fire, Season 2 of The Candy Show airs fall 2011 on Prime time TV on APTN HD and will also be on line at APTN.CA. The complete first season is currently watchable on APTN.CA and also on You Tube for the international fans. Candy played host to 12,000 screaming fans on July 1 and another SOLD out Comedy show at Halifax Casino on July 29, with an unannounced Atlantic Canadian Tour in the works as we speak. Not to mention all the private/ Corporate events she has booked to the end of 2011. Candy Palmater is a rare Comedian in that she writes and delivers her own Comedy, and that includes 100% of The Candy Show. You never know when Candy will be booked in your city.
For bookings and inquiries, please go to the Contact page and send her Manager/ Booking agent an email. We welcome all fans to email us anytime.