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WINNER of my first Giveaway on YouTube


Please watch to see who won.  Sorry to all of you who  did not win.  I wish I could make everyone a winner, but alas, there can only be one.  I appreciated each person’s favorite song. As a lover and supporter of Music, I found this part of the giveaway a learning experience, fun and a way to meet all you wonderful people that participated in this contest, plus this made me very happy.  For many of the songs/ artists I did not know, I took joy in searching the artists and music you have as your favorites. Now I am thinking of creating a playlist of the songs and sharing it with all my viewers.  I had so much fun with my first giveaway, I am looking forward to my next one!

Thank you for participating.  See you in my next giveaway.

The Giveaway Winner of Candy’s YouTube Channel contest

Hello to all of you who participated in my first of many Giveaways on my YouTube Channel.  I will posting the winner on YouTube this evening.  I had such a great response from all of you,that I will be running more Giveaways in the future.  As a lover of music, I enjoyed reading about all of your favorite songs, what a joy it has been for me.

Stay tuned,  I will have the winner video uploaded tonight.

Thank you for subscribing and watching my YouTube videos.  You all are fabulously beautiful.