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Late Night TV – The Candy Show NEW Episode Wednesday March 27th

Don’t miss another NEW Episode of Season 3,  this week , Late Night The Candy Show, on APTN and APTN HD Channels.Check your service provider for exact air time in your time zone.

Here is your ultimate in Entertainment: TV Host & Comedian Candy Palmater. One of the funniest women in the business today, and she has her own National Television Show to showcase her talents. The Candy Show is a Canadian Screen Award ( Gemini) Nominated series, airing on APTN and APTN HD Channels, and is written 100% by Candy Palmater, as well as all Guests you see in each Season are hand picked by Candy.  

CANADIAN Comedian and TV Host

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Candy’s Guests this Week:

Rhapsody Quintet and Shakespeare on Trial ( acting piece written and performed by Jeremy Webb and Simon Henderson).

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The Candy Show Season 4 Production is April 18-27th, filmed in Halifax at the Olympic Gardens. For the month of April 2013, we rent out the Gardens and convert the building into The Candy Show studio.  To be a part of the LIVE studio audience, for FREE tickets, please click here.

For a list of this Season’s Guests: click here  ** Please note: Guest line up are subject to change**

Award Nomination NEWS – The Candy Show/ Candy Palmater

Good morning beautiful people.

Today’s post is to share with you the momentous news for The Candy Show and Candy Palmater.

2 Recent Award Nominations:

The Candy Show has been Nominated for a Canadian Screen (GEMINI) Award for best Direction in a Variety or Comedy TV Series. image

Candy Palmater has been personally nominated for an ECMA ( East Coast Music Award)Candy Palmater has been promoting East Coast Music and East Coast Talent, along with east Coast Comedy with her hit National Television series, The Candy Show.  This ECMA Nomination is for Media Person of the Year.  tumblr_inline_mgpzchkQvq1rpbob3