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Comedy, Comedy everywhere

Hello fantastic people.

Candy has been all over the country and is on the road, or to be more accurate, in the air as we speak, traveling to comedy gigs.  Candy performed at the Banff Centre for the Arts last week and is heading to Saskatoon this week.  When Candy is not on the road, in the air you will find her most often on CBC radio DNTO, like this past Saturday.  Here is what you might have missed on DNTO, “First Dates”, Candy’s segment starts at 38:30.

CBC DNTO with Sook-Yin Lee/ Candy Palmater

Television NEWS:

Season 2 of The Candy Show can be watched on line at APTN – The Candy Show

Season 3 of The Candy Show will air in a few months, exact date TBD by Network

Season 4 of The Candy Show Production  – we are waiting on Network, should hear by end of September.  Will post as soon as we know more.

See you next time….

NEWS update for The Candy Show/ Candy Palmater

Hello you wonderful fans!

We apologize for not having many updates on this official Candy Show website and blog at the moment. We currently do not have a fixed address until June 1, when we move into our new place, when our office will be back up and running. We like to thank you for your patience. There is a lot of new swag that will be loaded up to the Candy Store page shortly after June 1, plus some changes are coming to our blog on the front of the website, with daily updates! Many upcoming ventures for Candy will be updated in the calendar, many exciting gigs, TV appearances and so on. We will ensure that you, the fans, will know everything that we know, so you are kept in the loop.

Thank you so much for your continued support… watch for our new subscription for the website as well, as Candy will be blogging: YouTube videos, rants, book reviews, shows, comedy and much more…

Please feel free to email me, Denise Tompkins, if you have any questions. You can go the contact page and submit all your email questions and comments, and I will reply to each one of you.

Season 3 - The Candy Show - on set May 2012
Season 3 - The Candy Show - on set May 2012

Candy sends her love to all of you.

If you have suggestions of what you would like Candy to blog about, again, send me an email. All emails are read, we love to hear from you.

Have a super grand day,
Denise & Candy

Here is a Youtube clip of the setting up of The Candy Show Season 3 set, for you to enjoy: