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Candy Rant – USA Womens Beach Volleyball Olympians

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Candy’s comedy channel – “NEW”

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NEW Candy Reads book review. “The Long Stretch”, by Linden MacIntrye


Candy Reads – book review

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Candy’s weekly Health vlog


Each Wednesday Candy upload’s a new video documenting her health journey and her struggles to maintain her idea of being healthy while working 80 hours per week. Please watch, rate, comment and most of all SUBSCRIBE to Candy’s You tube Channel – thecandyshow
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The Candy Show Vlog# 9 – Make Up Room tour – WATCH.


Candy Palmater takes you on a journey of her make up room, and all the products she uses. Make up junkies will love this one, Candy’s fans have been asking for a tour of Candy’s room, and we welcome all of you to enjoy this 20 minute tour.

The Candy Show Vlog#8 – Teenage Dream


This vlog is a rant about the false advertisement in huge glamour magazines ( Vogue). Using models that would normally not use the products they are trying to sell the public and how much airbrushing happens in magazines to make sales. This is a must watch for teens, and young women.